Before a meaningful gift is handed out — whether it be at a birthday or a retirement party — the one element that makes it that much sweeter is a nice card. Depending on the friend or colleague, the photos and words attached is what often exudes sentiment. Often times, it really does make for a better moment. The humor, touching sentences, and everything else, can show that you see a loved one for who they are. It tends to stick with them long after the gift is open. But in a sea full of options at pharmacies and other retailers, how do you know what to get? The loved ones in your life are special, so it makes perfect sense to find something which conveys it. Luckily, this is where Zach Reisman comes in — a special artist for your special requirements.
Reisman is a graduate from CDI College’s Animation, Modelling, & Design program. It is where he learned to develop his skills and interest in art. But it is a passion that goes beyond that. Thankfully for us all, Reisman eventually implemented his love for artwork into greeting cards.
“I always tell everyone that Zach was born with happy genes,” Lorri Benedik said, Zach’s mother. “But the incredible thing for me is, I’m seeing how the cards are inspiring happiness in others. We’ve had people tell us that Zach’s drawings and positive energy have made buying greeting cards more exciting than ever before. They’d write more beautifully in the cards and really show their gratitude more. It makes us feel like we’re doing something good. And we’re just so grateful to everyone that has shown us support.”
Even with the success Reisman has received so far, it’s obvious to see more good things and projects are yet to come. It’s just a matter of when. Based on the quality of the pictures, it’s easy to understand there was a genuine effort being made. It’s more wholesome and relatable than anything you’d find in a gallery. More importantly, it came from a real human’s touch.
“Funny enough, my interest in art came from video games. It’s what inspired me to get into 3D animation. It was a great time in my life,” Zach Reisman said. “I never thought I’d be doing what I’m doing now, but when I meet people who have bought my cards and feel their gratitude and love, I feel as though I’m right where I’m supposed to be in life. I just want to personally thank my clients and those who have supported me. Honestly, it means a lot and gives me the encouragement to keep going. It gives me the strength and hope to never stop creating.”
No matter the birthday, holiday, event, or special occasion, Reisman has a greeting card for just about everything. You can find them displayed on his website — So, the next time you need a card to go along with the perfect gift, why not give Reisman a chance? Not only would you be supporting the arts in your community, but you’d also be showing love to the autistic community here in Montreal. Reisman is a great example of someone giving a voice to people like him and others facing similar challenges. It’s a mission that keeps on greeting.

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