Trois-Rivières Lions pride in their unveiled identity

Marc-André Bergeron, vice-president and general manager (left) and Mark Weightman, president and CEO of the team did the honours of unveiling the team name, logo and colours.

Last week Deacon Sports & Entertainment proudly unveiled the name, logo and colour scheme of its ECHL team affiliated with the Montreal Canadiens. It will be the Trois-Rivières Lions will be roaring into the NouveauColisée de Trois-Rivières and ECHL play come October.

Mark Weightman, president and CEO of the team and Marc-André Bergeron, vice-president and general manager, presented the unveiling “We truly listened to the passionate fans who put forth thousands of suggestions over the past seven months, the fans not only named our team but motivated us to create the unique details found throughout our logo,” said Dean MacDonald, Chair of Deacon Sports & Entertainment. “We are proud to call ourselves the Lions and are very excited to build upon the rich hockey history in Trois-Rivières both on the ice and in the community as we inch closer to puck drop at the Nouveau Colisée in October.”

The team name of the Lions resurrects the name used by the only professional hockey team to have represented the city of Trois-Rivières in the late 50’s. That franchise was a minor professional team formed in 1955 and played in the Quebec Hockey League replacing the Valleyfield Braves who had just folded. “We have worked very hard these last few months to create a team identity that will be representative of the region and that will resonate with hockey fans throughout the province,” Mark Weightman said. “With the pandemic situation improving, including the return of fans in the stands now is the right time to finally unveil the team’s name and logo to the people of Trois-Rivières.”

There was careful consideration when it came to creating the lion’s head logo and colour scheme of the uniforms as a plethora of themes were woven into the fabric of the team’s identity. Four main elements were constants among the fans who voiced opinions on what the team’s identity should be.

Leading off the list was the Quebecois identity which is represented by the fleur-de-lys that frames the Lion’s head logo. Secondly, the metal-plated lion and steel grey colour pays homage to the steel mills, a key industry of the region. The torch, an important landmark in Trois-Rivières (le Flambeau) as well as a traditional symbol for the Montreal Canadiens is displayed in the lion’s mane. Finally the moustache and goatee of the lion is a tip of the hat to Sieur Laviolette, founder of the city in 1634. The team will take to the ice in uniforms incorporating the steel grey and iconic Québec blue as the primary colours.

To check out and follow the progression of the Lions as they prepare for their inaugural ECHL season go to

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