Secret Deodorant has stepped up big time with a $1-million donation to the Professional Women’s Hockey Players Association (PWHPA), the largest corporate donation ever made to North American professional women’s hockey. The money will go towards the Secret Dream Gap Tour that will take place in the spring of 2021. “We wanted to shine a light on the continuing inequality in hockey in Canada,” Secret Senior Brand Director Lisa Reid said. “It’s our iconic sport and our commitment of one-million dollars is so we can further the cause of having a sustainable league for these women to play in.” While these players shine on the Olympic stage and at world championships, the opportunity to compete and train outside those tournaments vanished last year when the Canadian Women’s Hockey League folded in May of 2019.

That provided the impetus to form the PWHPA and for Secret to sign on as one of the first brands when the initial Dream Gap Tour was held. Now with this huge commitment to the women’s game, four time Olympic gold medalist Jayna Hefford, now serving as Operations Consultant for the PWHPA said. “This partnership is exciting on so many levels. Firstly aligning with a brand that represents what we stand for, equal sweat for equal opportunity could not be more perfect. In terms of what it means for us as an association, it allows us, COVID permitting, to host the Dream Gap Tour that will be bigger and better than it was last year. It will also allow our members to earn some money through cash prize pots, which is exciting. Additionally the support from Secret as it relates to marketing and media and really allowing us to extend our reach and our visibility is amazing.” This time around 125 players, including 38 Olympians and 60 plus national team members will take part. There will be six showcase events across North America featuring teams representing Montreal, Toronto, Calgary, Minnesota and New Hampshire. “These games, this tour are an important part in preparing for the Olympics,” Hefford said. “It is really special for the young fans to see how strong, how fast, how good these athletes are. They are great role models and accessible to the young girls who are the future of the sport.” With the pieces being put into place for the Secret Dream Gap Tour, fans can check with two websites. At, the rosters are there and fans can sign up for email notices. The second site to bookmark is to follow preparations for the tour.

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