Royal Vale’s Juvenile girls striker, Lorie Sully, stole the show Wednesday afternoon providing her team with extra firepower and adding a hat trick to her name, as her team grabbed a much-needed win, 5-1 over Trafalgar.

The GMAA soccer season is a short one — only six games — so it’s important for a team to come together as quickly as possible. An increasingly crucial aspect for Royal Vale’s 10-year veteran head coach Allan Sendel.

“The problem with Montreal, especially the GMAA with soccer, it’s an incredibly short season,” said Sendel. “I mean there are six games and it starts the first week of school and you’re pressed for time, so we’re learning as we go but they came together and that’s all I can ask for.”

Indeed, his team showed signs of cohesion throughout most of the first game but with a lot of help from their all-star striker Sully.

It was a slow start for both sides, as the ball struggled to move passed centre field. Until 10 minutes into the first half, when Trafalgar’s Ella Maheu Wettre broke through the defensive line streaking down the left wing. Maheu Wettre struck the ball to the bottom right corner beating Royal Vale ‘keeper Aaliyah Morse.

Unfortunately for Trafalgar, Morse would remain unbeaten throughout the rest of the game, despite the efforts of Maheu Wettre who provided nearly ten shots on net.

The newly formed Trafalgar squad would never gain much traction after their only goal of the game. Royal Vale kept them in check and quickly responded with a tying-goal from Terra Tom.

“I think that they played super well because it was their first game and we are a brand new team,” said Trafalgar head coach Tracy Smith. “This is a moment for them to learn how to come together.”

Before the first half came to a close, Sully would put Royal Vale up 2-1, her first of three in the game, and Toby Sendel added another for good measure. Like some kind of magician, Sendel miraculously curled the ball into the top right corner off a corner kick.

Although the game ultimately ended in a loss for Trafalgar, they’ll be looking for redemption on September 18 when they face Westmount High School. Royal Vale will hope to continue bonding as a team on September 19 when they play at home against Lasalle Community Comprehensive High School.

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