Players will benefit in every stage of their careers

NDG’s Marco Scandella (left) and Michael Matheson from Pointe Claire took time out of off-season training to attend the merger announcements of Quartexx with DHG Sports Agency last week.

Last week at Lino Saputo Jr.’s Automobiles Etcetera Car Club, a wealth of NHL players were on hand as Quartexx Sports Management announced a merger with Darren Ferris’ DHG Sports Agency. That joining has now extended the organization’s reach from Quebec and New England to include Ontario. The Habs’ Victor Mete, Kris Letang of the Penguins Edmonton Oiler Darnell Nurse, NDG’s Marco Scandella of the Sabres, Pointe Claire’s and Michael Matheson of the Panthers were among the NHL’ers in attendance for the announcement. The evolution of the needs of players, from the earliest point where they aim for the pros, to post-career concerns has been the driving force in the way management companies attends to those needs. This venture will revolutionize the scope of traditional agencies,” investor Lino Saputo said. “It provides an array of vital services benefiting players and their families, from their initial development into pro sports, right through life after hockey.”Based out of the Hockey Etcetera complex, players benefit from development, business management, marketing, life management, concierge services and post-career management. “I met Lino seven years ago playing summer hockey and I was one of the early ones to join Quartexx,”Marco Scandella said. “He’s brought in the best people and they’ve take away everything outside of hockey. We just have to focus on what we do on the ice.”The nine-year veteran also appreciates how he has peace of mind looking towards the future. “My parents never grew up with money,” Scandella said. “Making the NHL was great but all of a sudden you are getting these big cheques and now what do you do with them? Having people you trust get you on a budget and plan for the future because with the money made now should be good for the rest of your life.” Florida Panther defenseman Michael Matheson added, “They also allow you to learn as well,” Matheson said. “I want to be able to have the important life skills when it comes to finances that I can pass on to my family. The way we are taken care of, I take care of business at the rink and being the best prepared I can be.”

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