The bantam ‘AAA’ North Shore Lions improved their record to 3-1 on Friday evening, soundly defeating the LaSalle Warriors 29-0 at Riverside Park.

North Shore took the reigns early in the game using their imposing defense to shut down a relatively inexperienced LaSalle squad. According to Lions head coach Terry White, they spent hours preparing for their rivals.

“Our defense played unbelievable football, we really studied LaSalle’s film and it helped,” said White. “We knew what we were dealing with and our defense played really well.”

The Lions offense played an equally important role in the victory. They were consistent and methodical. They never had a drive less than five minutes, says White.

North Shore led 13-0 at the half. While LaSalle’s offense sputtered along, their stout defense stood tall throughout the game. They managed to keep the game close with a stunning end zone interception late in the second quarter.

However, the third quarter brought more anguish for the young Warriors. The Lions feasted on a deep ball, intercepting the Warriors’ quarterback to start the half.

North Shore rushed back up the field six minutes later. They capped it off with a miraculous catch in the end zone. The ball deflected off an outstretched Warriors defender, and landed directly in the hands of a falling Lions receiver.

“Our issue right now is that we have six second-year players, all the rest are first-year bantam and nine players in their first year of football,” said LaSalle head coach Reggie Gill.

Gill believes his team will continue to grow as the season wears on. With a 1-3 record, they aren’t going to scare their opponents, but he says that in time they’ll shed all of their costly mistakes. His mind is already set on a rematch against the Lions.

“Hopefully next time we meet them it won’t be a one-sided game and we’ll be able to put some points on the board,” said Gill.

Next up, the Warriors and the Lions both take to the field on September 8. LaSalle faces the Nepean Eagles, while North Shore takes on St. Léonard.

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