The junior ‘A’ LaSalle Cobras made short order of the Lakeshore Leopards last Wednesday evening, as they handed their fourth place opponents a 5-0 loss at Jacque-Lemaire Arena.

LaSalle took full advantage of a short-handed Leopards squad. Lakeshore showed up to the arena with seven skaters and two goalies. They hung on for as long as they could but eventually the Cobras wore them down.

“After the second goal, you know, the guys they weren’t in it and they’re not going to give that second effort, but good on them, we kept our franc jeu and get a point for our effort,” said Lakeshore head coach Bob Morrissette.

The Cobras needed to exercise a lot of patience throughout the game. They only got on the board late in the second period thanks to a hard wrist shot in the slot from captain Adriano Bernola.

Despite finishing the game with two points – they lost their franc jeu – LaSalle head coach Danny Di Giovanni wasn’t too pleased with his teams’ performance. They were constantly bogged down by penalties and failed to put Lakeshore away early.

“I told them that the other team played fantastic compared to you guys,” said Di Giovanni. “There’s no reason why, we scored what? Three goals in the last five minutes of the game? For what reason? Because they were burnt, they only had seven players.”

LaSalle entered the third period with a fragile 1-0 lead and Lakeshore held most of the momentum. They were gifted several power plays, however they were snake-bitten all game.

Captain Justin Dicaire and Liam Tyler Johnston came within inches of scoring on several occasions. But they missed the net, hit the post or were matched by a sturdy LaSalle goaltender.

“We should be playing a lot better than what it is but penalties are horrible, it kills the team and we played the entire third period short handed almost,” Di Giovanni said.

The Cobras eventually poured in four goals in the third period with Matteo Gaetani scoring the insurance marker. But Lakeshore was able to keep LaSalle at bay for most of the game, which Morrissette considers a small victory.

“We tried to keep it simple, the intention was to play passive, penalty kill style, and then when we had our chances to take it – and we did,” he said.

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