It sure didn’t look like the Lindsay Place High School Eagles juvenile boys basketball team had much of a chance to win at halftime of their game against the LaurenHill Academy Spartans on Friday.

But Lindsay Place came to life in the second half, erasing a 17-point deficit for a come-from-behind 52-49 win against LaurenHill in Pointe Claire.

“My boys are really hungry when they want and when they play together,” Eagles coach Patricia Staniforth said. “And I think in the beginning they started out playing a little bit individual ball. But once they started playing as a team, they shined. They’re really hungry for the ball. They steal the ball, they press, they have a lot of energy. They don’t show it in practice all the time but in games, when they play together, they do well.”

Staniforth became convinced that her team would recover for the win by the end of the third quarter.

“I went with like four guards at that point and only one big man, and they were able to work some magic,” she said.

Jonathan Oiknine and Vikesh Patel each had 15 points for Lindsay Place in the second half. Oiknine led the Eagles with 19 points, followed by Patel with 17. Lukas Slutsken had five of his 10 points in the first half.

It was Lindsay Place’s third win in four games, and it came after a three-week break following the Eagles’ only loss.

The Spartans squandered a 28-11 lead at half time to lose for the second time in six games.

“We are 4-2 but I tell my team that we’re 0-6,” LaurenHill coach Shaali Sinnakili said. “I don’t tell my team that we’ve had a victory yet until we’ve actually had a very good game. We haven’t had one by far this season at all.”

Jonathan Doret led the Spartans with 13 points, and Jay Patel had 11. Keyon George scored seven of his nine points in the first half when LaurenHill began the game with a seven-point run and kept expanding its lead, until the second half.

“I think (Lindsay Place) was much smarter in the fourth quarter,” Sinnakili said. “They executed from our turnovers because we had way too many turnovers, careless turnovers, especially when they start picking up full court. We completely forgot how to play basketball.”

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