Determined to lace up her blades and help others to do so as well

Since last year Alero Eribo has been working on her skating skills and a bit of stick handling but for now, she waits for the doors to re-open so she can take to the ice.

Alero Eribo is a determined young lady anxious to play hockey. That may sound like countless youths out there but for Eribo, her mission is a unique story as the 16 year-old has only been in Canada for two years. Her mother and two siblings moved to Cote St. Luc from Lagos, Nigeria when she was 14, while her father still remains in Lagos and visits when he can. Her dream to play Canada’s national winter sport stemmed from a school project last year at Saint Luc High School where she was to pick something Canadian to write about and hockey more than caught her eye. “I was watching a clip of Sydney Crosby score a goal,” Alero Eribo said. “I thought wow what is this, and I told my mom I have to do this.” Doing is easier said than done as since last year she has been working on her skating at the Doug Harvey Arena but with COVID-19 her ice time has dwindled. “I spent my allowance to rent skates and would go skating when I could,” Eribo said. “My worst nightmare is crossovers, I’m getting better but they’re not my friend.” Eribo, along with her younger sister looked to register with Cote St. Luc Minor Hockey but what is a big hurdle for her is that as a 16 year-old she would play at the midget level. That would be a daunting task for anyone looking to combine skating and newly learned hockey skills with playing against others who may have 10 years experience on her. That has not fazed Eribo in the least as she has a plan in the works. “If I don’t play in a regular league, I will do whatever I have to do to get to play,” she said. “I want to form a league for girls like me who are having similar problems getting to play hockey.” She is putting the call out for people interested in being a player in this league, or a sponsor. Interested parties can email to find out more. Eribo has also set up a web page where she has uploaded content for girls to learn and improve their skills, which can be checked out at “I’ve gathered female hockey content,” she said. “Players like Marie-Philip Poulin where girls my age can see what players like that can do on the ice is amazing.” There is no doubt that Eribo will attain her goal and get the chance to notch her first goal at some point in the not too distant future.

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