When Aleksandra Wozniak stepped away from competitive tennis in December of 2018, the former 21st ranked player in the world knew she wanted to remain in the game and give back. “So many people helped me along the way,” Aleksandra Wozniak said. “I knew that I wanted to give back and decided to do that through coaching.” Through hard work while the 32 year-old has just earned her level III coaching certification through the Tennis Canada Future Coaches program. That is another step towards her dream which is to have the Aleksandra Wozniak Tennis Academy up and running this fall in Bedford. The academy won’t be a sports-etudes facility but open to all looking to improve their game. “From kids to adults,” Wozniak said. “I want to share my expertise with those who have a passion for the sport.” Before that, Wozniak will be back in her hometown of Blainville starting Saturday for a week long tennis clinic on the same courts where she learned the sport from her father Antoni. “Originally we had 40 registered for the sessions,” she said. “But applying the regulations I had to limit it to 20 but the important thing is that we can have the event.” To be able to hold the sessions, Wozniak has partnered with Quebec company Reboost, which is a pure maple energy gel. “I’m looking forward to the sessions,” she said. “I’ve got the programs set for each and will work on techniques and strategy with drills I did. I will also give tips to the players.” Wozniak has also had a taste of life on the road from the perspective of a coach as she has worked with rising star 18 year-old Jada Bui for a few tournaments. “I really enjoyed that and can ee doing it in the future (coaching on tour),” she said. “Not for months at a time but for two, three weeks to help out because I think my experience on the circuit and in major tournaments could be beneficial for a young player and I want to share it.” Right now, though Wozniak’s focus is on being on the courts where her path began to help others develop as players and for their love of the game.

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