The Quebec Junior Elite Baseball League recently honoured the 2020 campaign, albeit through a virtual gala, but the efforts of the players, teams and organizations were recognized. For the Chevrolet 44o Laval Pirates that meant a trio of accolades came their way. Jacob Carroll was recognized as the Batting Champion for the league, Pirates manager Mathieu Granger was selected as the manager of the year and the Pirates was acknowledged as the organization of the year.Carroll hit at a sizzling .474 clip, 34 points higher than his closest rival. It has been a steady climb in average during Carroll’s three campaigns with Laval. Starting off at .274, he hit for .340 in his second season and then this time around, Carroll hit 27 for 57 plate appearances in 15 games to hit the.474 mark. Carroll’s offensive marks were 22 RBI’s, 25 runs scored, three homers and five doubles. Granger in his first season at the helm of the Pirates led his charges to a 15-win-7-loss record with a plus-71 points performance on the offensive-defensive ledger. Unfortunately for Laval, Granger has announced his departure so he can join with his longtime friend Marc-André Ronda with the Repentigny Royal. Granger will be the manager while Ronda is the club’s GM. The Pirates executive is always on top of their game and the work put inthis year saw Laval selected as the organization of the year. Under the direction of Jacques Continelli, Paul Martineau and Sébastien Groulx, the Pirates distinguished themselves through their cooperation with the league in what was a most difficult season to manage and run given the fluctuating COVID-19 situation.

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