The Akiva Language Lab- An Innovative Approach to Language Acquisition

As a proven pedagogical leader in the North American educational field, Akiva School is excited to launch the first elementary-level Language Lab in the province of Quebec. The Language Lab is a unique learning space that enables students to explore new languages at their own pace, in small groups, or one-on-one with the teacher, using an interactive computer-based platform.  The technology in the lab also has a portable component so that students can bring interactive language learning home. 

Increasing the Opportunity 

for Language Practice

Research tells us that the only way to learn a language effectively is through immersion and practice. Statistically, in a traditional classroom setting, each student speaks for less than 20 seconds for every class period. Using the Language Lab, students can speak concurrently and advance their oral language skills in an engaging way that tailors to their needs and passions.  

Emphasis on French Oral 

Language and Culture

The Language Lab features a unique French online program designed by our own Akiva French educators which follows standard curriculum requirements while increasing students’ immersion in oral exercises and exposure to Quebec culture.  The Language Lab actively engages students in French language learning exercises and conversational practice more than would be possible in a traditional classroom environment. 

Authentic Learning at Each 

Student’s Own Pace 

Akiva School was founded over 50 years ago by Rabbi David Hartman, who had the vision that learning should be hands-on, engaged and speak to the needs of each student.  The Akiva Language Lab remains true to this educational philosophy and inspires a love of learning in every student.

Akiva Open House Presentation – Wednesday, November 13th ,  2019, 7:00pm

For more information on the Akiva Language Lab, please register for the Akiva Open House Presentation or sign up for a personal tour of the school. Contact:

514-939-2430 or

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