Bijouterie Futuriste: A family entity for 27 years

Jalal Safadi, centre, with his sons Rami and Eddy (left to right).

Jalal Safadi, world renowned watchmaker of over six and a half decades, recently turned 82 years “young”.  His sons, the owners of Bijouterie Futuriste, Eddy and Rami, are very proud of their father’s reputation in watchmaking and his joie de vivre. Eddy remarks that his father has always been, “A passionate and honest person with everything he touches, and working keeps him young and active.  He never misses a day of work.”  At the tender age of sixteen, Jalal started working for the Jordanian Army.  There was a special defence treaty between Jordan and the British Army in the 1950s and the British had setup an instrument shop in Jordan. Jalal seemed to have a knack for fixing tiny mechanical devices and was identified as a valuable employee for the British Shop, so for 27 years he spent his time fixing watches and telescopes, as well as computers and gauges for tanks. Jalal`s passion progressed into the opening of his own watch and jewellery shop in 1978 and as his responsibilities as a father of seven children grew, he decided to move his family to Montreal to give them more educational opportunities in 1982.

“He worked hard at two different watch repair companies in Montreal to be able to give us a better life,” Rami explained.  At his first job here, they gave him a clock that nobody else was able to fix, to test him out. He took the challenge seriously and constructed a piece for it.  As he banged away at a metal plate to fabricate a missing and broken part, other watchmakers laughed, thinking he was damaging or breaking the clock even more.  When he was done a short time later, he brought the clock to the owner of the company and the clock worked perfectly. “They were amazed by the talent that my father had, and of course he was hired on the spot,” proudly stated Rami.

In 1975, Bijouterie Futuriste was created and since 1989, Jalal has been the only trusted watchmaker to perform all watch repairs and service there.

Today, Jalal Safadi continues to come in and work every day. “He is our blessing, and our guidance in every step we take” the Safadi brothers explain. Two and half years ago, Paul Zoghbi, the previous owner of Bijouterie Futuriste retired and because of his trust and respect for Jalal, he was comfortably able to pass on his cherished shop to the Safadi bothers, Eddy and Rami.  Since 2014, the Safadi brothers have aimed at bringing a fresher and a younger look to Bijouterie Futuriste’s jewellery side while maintaining the same quality of service that was engrained into the culture of the business.  Jalal Safadi still oversees all the watch and clock services and repairs and as always, “there is not a watch or clock that he cannot repair,” remarks Eddy.

Bijouterie Futuriste prides itself on its long-standing expertise and professional service while the brothers maintain their father’s unfaltering work ethic.  Combined, the shop is able to provide clients with trusted, reliable services — a must when it comes to treasured items like high end watches and jewellery. They service all brands of watches including Rolex, Breitling and other mechanical or automatic and/or wind up watches as well as quartz watches; if they can’t fix it, most probably no one can!

Bijouterie Futuriste is located at 3543 Saint-Charles Blvd. in Kirkland. For more information, call 514-697-7477.

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