Brasserie Manoir: reviving the  ‘Picasso’ tradition in NDG

John Daklaras, Chef Obie and Peter Sergakis showcase the Americano Breakfast Plate at the Brasserie Manoir on St. Jacques Street.

Businessman Peter Sergakis says he has a lot to be proud of between his restaurant and real estate holdings. These days he is excited to talk about the growth of his Brasserie Manoir chain.

Ten years ago Sergakis purchased the Brasserie Manoir location in Pointe Claire, which at the time had already been around for more than three decades. Four years later he transformed the former Brasserie 12 de Yvan Cournoyer, owned by the former Habs great, and rebranded it as another Brasserie Manoir. Last August he completed the hat trick, reviving the iconic Serre Picasso Restaurant on St. Jacques Street in NDG. Although it also carries the Manoir name, the menu is unmistakably Picassoesque, complete with the ever so popular all-day breakfast.

“I am very proud of this Manoir chain we are building,” Sergakis said over lunch, treating his guest to the Picasso signature Americano breakfast complete with bacon and eggs, toast, sausage, French toast and pancakes. “All three of these restaurant facilities have a lot of history attached to them and therefore loyal clienteles. We are open 365 days a year and the menus have something for everyone.”

Serre Picasso closed its doors on February 11, 2009 after 30 years in business.  Sergakis was the landlord, operating PJ’s Pub next door. He had been hearing the pleas to revive Picasso for so many years and finally did so. The all-day breakfast is such a hit that Sergakis and his operations director John Daklaras are looking into expanding the same format to Pointe Claire and Lachine, which do serve the first meal of the day on mornings and weekends.

“This is Picasso revisited,” said Sergakis. “We are what you might call a modern diner.”

Brasserie Manoir is the perfect venue to catch the latest game or enjoy a family meal. Besides salads, sandwiches, burgers, pizzas, pastas, deli plates, fish, shrimp and poutine, the endless menu includes great steaks, chicken and ribs, brochettes, filet mignon and prime rib. There are mouthwatering desserts as well. All of the vegetables being served at Sergakis’s restaurants come from a new farm he purchased in Rougement. Special set menus have been established for group holiday parties through Jan. 1, which include a holiday platter with turkey and all the trimmings.

The Brasserie Manoir location at 6810 St. Jacques in NDG can seat 500 plus 100 on the seasonal terrace. 

Call 514-489-6356; the location at 6525 32nd Avenue in Lachine can seat 500 plus 125 on the terrace. Call 514-637-1212; and the restaurant at 600 Boul. St. Jean in Pointe Claire can seat 325 people, plus 200 on the terrace.  Call 514-695-2071. For more details log on to

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