The differing views on societal administration between Canada and the United States are plainly evident in the fan participation at each of the Bell Center in Montreal and the Fortress in Las Vegas. While the Golden Knights are currently playing to a full house of rabid fans, the Canadiens are forced to limit their attendance to approximately 1/6 of the setting capacity.

The latter represents the perpetuation of social distancing on steroids. This reality echoes the diverging attitudes of the two countries over the course of the stubborn pandemic. While the United States has concerned itself with the dual task of protecting lives and livelihoods, Canada has perceived any mention of economic considerations as vulgar and distasteful as it sought to limit casualties brought upon by the combination of a pandemic and inadequate capacity and capabilities of its fraying healthcare infrastructure.

While the US has sought to protect the small businesses that enable the standard of living of the country, Canada has imposed a punishing lock-up that has been in place for the better part of 16 months. And they do so under the incredulous belief that the government can endlessly provide that which the shuttered economy no longer can.

But, of course, the government itself produces little to nothing. Instead it is simply the conduit through which endless wealth redistribution is administered. And while the perception is that the largesse of the “rich” is boundless, the Trudeau socialists will soon find out the limits that such generosity actually entails. Quite simply, a society that spends 98% of its economic efforts on redistributing the pie as opposed to growing the pie will at some point find that the givers of society lose interest in the game.

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