Years and years have passed. Tragedy after tragedy has occurred. Thoughts and prayers have no effect anymore. Moments of silence have turned into hours. Nothing changes. We haven’t learned from our errors. You would think since the World Wars we would have learned something. You would think we would have evolved? We haven’t. Not one bit. Actually, I think man-unkind has regressed.

Learning pain management is a simple process. You burn yourself once, you’re careful next time. You burn yourself twice; you’re even more careful next time. Hopefully, now you have learned not to burn yourself. The point is you have learned. Your historical experience of burning yourself has imprinted a lesson on how not to burn yourself and how to be more careful. A simple lesson is pain management can be learned, why is it humans have not learned to stop hurting and killing each other?

Today, dictators are still ruling countries. Racism is rampant. Refugees are seeking safety in so many ports of entry. Anti-Semitism is raising its ugly head. The bowels of everything horrible are being regurgitated! Haven’t we learned to be better human beings? Why haven’t we learned from our history? Why haven’t we learned anything? It’s because we haven’t evolved!

With all the advanced technologies, discoveries, and theories why are we not better at being humans? If we can put men on the moon over 49 years ago, why are we not more intelligent? As humans we should have become more intelligent over those 49 years, yet now people are being killed in churches, synagogues, and schools… friggin schools!!! Is there no place of peace anymore?

I think the answer is the lack of education in tolerance, peace, love and the responsibility of preserving humankind. And more than anything, the lack of teaching history.

Never did I think we needed to educate children in the preservation of humankind. Currently, I think there is urgency. There is no leadership which will teach the next generation to be kind, good, honest, loving, and peaceful people. There is no leadership which will teach the next generation not to kill! There is no leadership which will take the responsibility for those who have been killed for no reason. There is no leadership to stop the evil…perhaps the leadership is the evil? And there is no leadership saying how urgent it is to make teaching the lessons of history mandatory. The next generation is doomed unless they are taught by their parents and teachers.

Often I tell my young adult children that I’m sorry the world is the way it is. I apologize for the terrorist attacks, the school shootings, the senseless slayings, and the unfathomable horrific events they witness in their very young daily lives. I’m sorry for this disgusting time in history when one’s political beliefs incite violence. When the value of a human life has less value than a person’s simplistic perspective.

I did not grow up in this type of environment. I did not fear being in school, in church, in synagogue, in a theatre, a dance club, or at a concert. I was free to enjoy my life. The world and people around me valued human lives. I understand that the world has peace in some places. But not where I am and not now.

I fear the balance of life is currently lost to the evils.

Now is the time to go into the elementary and high schools and teach children the value of human life, respect and tolerance of others and the main purpose to live in peace and respect your neighbours.

This should be required education! Otherwise, the rise of the horrible will continue and more senseless deaths will occur.

We need to learn from our history. We need to teach the next generation. We need to do this now before the horrors of human beasts continue.

Strangely, animals have evolved and they are considered the beasts among us. I think humans are the monsters and beasts today.

Educate the next generation to help future humans evolve to live in peace with love and respect for life.

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