Plante. Irus

I decided to walk around and see how the centre of downtown was doing. It’s a disaster and getting worse every week. These are some of the closed storefronts just in the two block area between Drummond and Peel along St. Catherine. As I reported last week, Mayor Plante put white bollards down the middle of St.Catherine allowing only one lane for traffic and no parking except for deliveries. This has been implemented from Atwater to Phillips Square and may continue to Bleury and maybe even to Papineau. Last week I spoke to several dozen merchants from Mackay to Peel. Every single one said this needless measure would make it impossible for them to recover. Most expected 60% closures along what was Montreal’s main shopping thoroughfare. Plante’s “Promenades marchande” are a death warrant for recovery. All done without consultation or vote. The city even covered the parking space markers with red “reserved” covers. Reserved for whom? Ghosts? And watch the failed business outcome of this measure to be used as an excuse for increased taxes!

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