We are members of the Pierrefonds Flood Victims committee who helped thousands of residents during the extremely difficult days that our city suffered. We are denouncing the statement made recently by the Sameer Zuberi, Member of Parliament from the riding of Pierrefonds-Dollard. 

Mr. Zuberi said, “Here in Pierrefonds-Dollard, we have experienced first-hand the impacts of climate change, through flooding in 2017 and 2019.  To address this, our Liberal government invested $34 million to protect Montreal’s shorelines.”

In reality, we would like to confirm that no help was provided, no attempt was made to finance a project as indicated by Mr. Zuberi, and there was no reaching out to the mayor of Pierrefonds on Mr. Zuberi’s behalf. 

Today, there are zero new developments in this case, leaving hundreds of families in our riding of Pierrefonds-Dollard-Ile Bizard exposed to a potential flood disaster in the near future; residents are under the condition of a temporary flood map that prohibits them from making any renovations to their homes, and which reduces the value of their homes by over 30% due to the uncertainty of the situation.

There is zero accountability from the Federal government, and our current MP, towards citizens who are caught up in the politics of it.

The citizens of our riding should not be victims of politics; they should be feeling as safe and secure as any other citizen in this country.

We are asking Mr Zuberi to take back his false public comments and announcement,  and to stop using our case as a political tool to win an election.

Itsik Romano,

Rene Leblanc

Pier-Luc Cauchon

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