I am one of the small percentage of people at this time not wearing a mask and with no intention of ever wearing one if I can help it. Here is why.

Over the past five months, I have diligently done a great deal of research into the viability of wearing masks and have come to the conclusion that they do not protect us from anything, certainly not viruses. This is a fact that has been clearly explained and demonstrated countless times to the listening public by numerous doctors around the world. Clearly, mainstream news is not open to sharing this bit of very relevant information so people are going to have to do their own research and get informed through trusted alternative news sources on the Internet. In the meantime, I will share what I've discovered myself.

Masks force us to re-breathe our exhalations, causing us to feel nauseous and dizzy and ultimately make us more susceptible to actually getting sick. Further, it keeps us from developing herd immunity. The human body has a natural inclination for developing immunity against new in-coming viruses and it does this when we naturally mingle amongst others of our own species. How this occurs exactly is a little more involved but it is a thing, look it up.

If after all these past five months you have not become sick and no one around you is sick either, you have developed a natural immunity. However, the social distancing rule is put in place to keep us from sharing that immunity. That our governments continue to impose more unnecessary regulations which in turn cause more decimation to small businesses and overall destruction to the global economy spells some other kind of trouble, and this ought to have us all extremely concerned and looking into it. If the real problem is not medical at all, then what is it? We should know.

So what is a person like myself supposed to do for food now? I guess I will be forced to order everything I need from online businesses and have it delivered to my front door. In my opinion, all these places that are turning me away right now for not wearing a mask are committing slow suicide because as more people begin to question the mask, as I am doing right now, they too will do as I am doing and begin spending their money at places like Amazon, Costco, Walmart, etc.. causing small businesses to go belly up.

As I see it, until people know the truth for themselves, this is going to all get a lot uglier before it gets better.

Demitra M. Navrozidis

D.D.O. Montreal, QC

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I agree 100 percent !

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