The slow, inevitable, and painful decline of once vibrant Anglophone communities continues with the gutting of CJAD by Bell Media (The Suburban, February 3). Over the last several decades, contrary to pundits who stated that the sky was not falling, we are now witnessing the remaining vestiges of community cohesion and engagement fall away.

For example, The Gazette is a shell of its former self and must showcase content from The National Post and/or scattered puff from other news feeds. Local content germane to anglophones is conspicuous by its absence. The continual shrinkage of our school systems coupled with the disregard/distain by the Ministry foreshadows a dire future. Now, to continue the slide, CJAD has decided to strip its local newsroom and rely on itinerant reporters along with filling its airways with questionable rebroadcasts.

The totality of the loss of anglophone interaction and communication is frightening. The disappearance of avenues of information exchange portends a bleak future and Montreal-area anglophones will be much poorer as a result of the recent CJAD action. Importantly, the informational glue necessary for survival will now fall to more locally based newspapers such as The Suburban.

Jon G. Bradley

Associate Professor (Retired)

Education/McGill University

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I do not agree with this at all.

John Doe

7255 Blvd St-Michel


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