I just heard about the small toy and book store that was fined $2000 for being open after 5pm.

How mean-spirited can a government be to send inspectors pretending to be customers and then be informants? All this during a pandemic when many little family-owned stores can barely eke out a living, undermined by our government because they have to compete against big chain corporate stores which can stay open later if they also sell food or pharmaceuticals.

These informants - a well known term for them rhymes with "hats"- remind me a bit of the many so-called "loyal" citizens brainwashed by the former Soviet Union's communist government to inform on their own family members.

I believe most Quebecers would welcome kinder, more decent, merciful and compassionate treatment of our fellow citizens working hard to serve us and overcome the physical, emotional, psychological and financial stress we are suffering from during the Covid pandemic. A little empathy can go a long way towards healing what divides us.

Penny Hassan


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