As the father of a CEGEP student at Marianopolis, I wish to convey my dismay at the recent decision by the government to drop the R score for CEGEPs this semester.

This move at this late hour has had the effect of gutting our student body of any desire or will to continue pushing themselves. Why bother when none of it will matter.

The better course of action, in my opinion, is to rescind this decree, and allow the semester to play itself out. One option is to mandate that nobody will suffer from a lower R score but that those who worked hard to achieve a better R score should not have their hard work invalidated. Essentially, place a floor on the R score but not a ceiling. This will motivate all students to continue to work and strive. To do otherwise is to take away their hope and extinguish their will. In these difficult times what do they have left, if not hope and will.

Jack Edery

Councillor - Finance


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Well Mr "Finance guy from Hampstead", not all of us are finance guys from Hampstead. Some of us are "Working moms from VSL" and are struggling in every sense of the word. Such arrogance you have. It makes my blood boil. We all hope you are able to survive in your small home while your starving child can barely find the room to study.

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