Some CSL residents may believe CSL is taking too long to finish replacing those service line pipes made out of lead that exist mostly on single family homes and duplexes built before 1971 and are contaminating our drinking water.

However, the Quebec government only recently in 2020 lowered the allowed level of lead in our drinking water from 10 to 5 parts per billion, so how can Mr. Tordjman claim the city is taking too long to replace these lead pipes? How can any small city replace all the lead pipe water service lines to thousands of houses in their municipality in just 1 or 2 years? It would cost many additional tens of millions of dollars not already allocated for in the budget and require more pipe work crews than exist in the area.

I do hope these same residents realize that CSL has to and will only pay to replace just the segment of their lead service line that runs from their main water line in their street to the edge of the home's property line.

The rest of the lead service line pipe that runs from their property line to their own house will have to be replaced by the home owner at his or her entire cost. And if the house's internal water pipes are found to be also made of lead, they will have to be replaced at the homeowner's entire cost as well.

Since many of us are elderly and living on a pension or fixed incomes, I sincerely hope that in case David Tordjman becomes mayor that he finds a new way to substantially subsidize the $10,000 or more cost each affected CSL homeowner would have to pay for it, without further raising our municipal taxes.

I bet that many homeowners don't have a clue of the high cost they will have to pay directly out of their own pockets.

And for those in CSL concerned about lead in their drinking water, they should take advantage of the fact that the city of CSL already has an excellent policy of subsidizing the cost of a choice from a list of water filters on their website certified to remove 99% of the lead in the drinking water for those in older homes that may have lead pipes.

Penny Hassan


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