The Letter “Bill 96 is nothing Special” is surprising. Mr. Nicolini apparently does not grasp the difference. The French language is forced upon all except for historical English.

This includes health services. When hiring hospitals will not be allowed to require knowledge of English, even if no English speaker on their staff, they have to prove, that it is needed to serve historical English residing in the area.

In Education learning of English is essential for many careers. French and allophone students in business, technical and science realize this, agreed as a car mechanic or plumber English language skill is not needed. However for engineers, business managers or scientists communicating around the world it is the common basis for all.

Mr. Nocolini owns an apartment in Spain. It is easier to communicate in Spain in Spanish. However if a restaurant Spain decides to offer unilingual English menus and have their staff greet all guests arriving in English, there is no language police arriving with fines. If this restaurant wants to hire someone with additional German knowledge, no government body will require answers why. It is simply a business decision.

If a shop decides name itself “Bakery”, it does not have to supplement Panadería to explain .

Lastly Spain is a country, Quebec is not. Catalonia of Spain wanted to separate as well, but these are not demanding that all business is conducted in Catalan and Spanish is only be spoken to historical Spaniards of other regions.

Ragnar Radtke


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