”You are sending us back to work with a clear mandate to get Canada through this pandemic, and to the brighter days ahead.” This is the opening words of Justin Trudeau’s victory speech last Tuesday morning.

We know that he has a complete disregard for separation of powers (SNC/Attorney General), conflict of interest (We Charity) and now we can add mathemetics to the list. The Liberals received 31.8% of the popular vote which means 68.2% voted against them. They had more of a mandate after the 2019 election with 33.1% of the vote.

In 2015 we were promised that this was the last “first past the post election” and he committed to introducing electoral reform legislation within 18 months of forming a government. Six years and 2 elections later no change. There have been a number of alternatives proposed such as: Preferential or Ranked Ballots, Proportional Representation, Mixed Member Proportional Representation and Single Transferable Vote System. All of these have their own drawbacks.

I would like to propose an alternative that would actually not change the way we vote now. All legislation by Parliament, whether by a minority or majority government, be required to have the vote of Members representing a majority of Canadians as determined by their vote totals in the election in order to be passed. This would prevent parties that win a majority of seats but not a majority of the vote from wielding absolute power.

Much has been said about the $600,000,000 spent needlessly on this election but I think one thing would make it all worthwhile. That all parties realize that it looks like minority governments will be the rule not the exception going forward unless a really divisive wedge issue arises or a truly messianic leader emerges in one of the parties. Therefor ladies and gentlemen of Parliament, please learn to play nice together.

Jim Mullaly


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