Re your editorial on”Defund the OQLF,” the whole idea of the OQLF is somewhat ridiculous and an overall non-productive exercise in saving the French language. One thing that has always really bugged me is that this office says that they only respond to complaints made by the public. However, they refuse to reveal the identity of these individuals making the complaint – why?

This refusal to identify leads to many questions.

First, are all the complaints received at the OQLF coming from a very small number of French language zealots? Is just one person filing 100 or 200 complaints? If this is the case, can the Government justify the cost of the OQLF to appease perhaps a handful of citizens?

Second, could one company be reporting another company simply to cause a competitor a problem or gain a little competitive advantage.?

Since all this nonsense uses our taxpayer’s dollars, the proper statistical information- including the names of the people making these reports -  should be provided and let the OQLF prove that their operation is the desire of the majority of citizens especially French speaking citizens.

Fergus v. Keyes


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Little 'Ol Man

Do you have the right to face your accuser in Canada?

Right to Face Accusers

The "right to face one's accusers is not in this day and age to be taken in the literal is simply the right of an accused to be present in court, to hear the case against him and to make answer and defence to it."

Canadian Criminal Procedure and Practice/Trials/Accused at Trial ...

Or, so says a quick Google search.

That said, merchants and others would be wise to contact the local media when visits from our French language police occurs, if only to provide a public record of this rather abusive and rampant totalitarian concept and practice in our so-called democratic society. To remain silent is to invite further abuse.

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