Fabiola Gomez de la Serna's letter (July 15) contained the usual misinformation, but I was intrigued by her statement, "I believe Mr. Steinberg will have to run a second referendum and this time around including all residents of the city." I couldn't agree more! In fact, I proposed just that to my councillors two weeks ago. I said since we disagree on what the Leger survey results show, let's ask voters to indicate how high we should up zone CSL road. I proposed 3 choices: 8, 9 or 10 storeys. All members of council have stated they want up zoning and the debate is between 8 or 10 storeys. Some councillors think a majority of survey respondents wanted 8 storeys or less. If they are correct the voters will choose 8. I think most residents want 10 or more storeys. if I am right, most voters will choose 10. I told the councillors we can add this ballot question if we all commit to abiding by the result. Most of the councillors rejected this proposal. What are they afraid of?

William Steinberg

Mayor, Town of Hampstead

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