After listening to Premier Legault I am very disturbed by him saying in Quebec we will only be getting one Vaccine dose instead of the 2 both Pfizer and Moderna highly recommend and which the other provinces will be getting.

Premier Legault stated that "Seniors make up 20% of the population in Quebec, however they make up 80% of those hospitalized with Covid-19”.

If that is truly the case, then to get the number of cases and deaths down with Covid in Quebec, would it not make sense then that all caregivers, Doctors, Nurses as well as these Seniors (65 years of age or older) get the MAXIMUM “prescribed” dosage (meaning 2 dosages not one) that both drug companies are saying would be best??

Even in Florida now not only Americans, as of this week, but Canadians as well can register for the 2 Vaccine program. The 2 phase vaccine program is recommended for everyone, after the healthcare workers and seniors are inoculated first with the second dose.

I truly believe this would be best and am sure many others would agree with me. It is no use giving just the one dose where not only would we not know how long we would be immune from Covid, but also I read an article which says one vaccine would only cover you from a minimum of 45% to a maximum of 80% effectiveness. The Government doesn’t mention these lower numbers, but only the 80% effectiveness rate of getting only one vaccine!

Rosa Fenster Rudick


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