When a country is founded, one of the very first tasks is to prepare a constitution. From that time on, each elected Member of Parliament swears an oath that implies, without reservation, support of the constitution. Our existing Liberal government and the other two major parties with members in the House have abdicated their responsibility as if the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms, embedded in the Canadian Constitution is simply “wishful thinking”. With the clear attack on the Charter by Quebec Bills 21 and now, 96, the federal government has followed the metaphor of the three wise monkeys, “See no Evil, Speak no Evil and Hear no Evil”. The Government is “sitting on their hands” and is satisfied to let other Canadians take Quebec to court with their own finances to defend the Charter, not only for citizens in Quebec, but for all Canadians. The legacy of Justin Trudeau will be to undo the Charter signed by his father.

Bernard Sookman


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