The Mayor of Hampstead spent town resources to expound on his vision for Côte St Luc Road, make false claims about our positions, all while making a pitch for his own re-election. As we enter an election year, we expect these tactics to continue. As such, it’s imperative that we set the record straight.

We are in favor of redeveloping Côte Saint Luc Road and will support a plan that maximizes height and revenue, in a way that does not negatively impact those residents backing on or in proximity to this sector. A plan that incorporates 10 or 12-storey buildings goes against the feedback we have received from residents and professionals alike.

After a referendum in which almost 70% of the vote rejected a 10-storey building and having read a yet to be released urban planning study, we can not in good conscience support spending an additional $34,000 on an economic impact study (Altus Report), which continues to examine the possibility of a 10-storey building. By continuing to force-feed the concept of 10-storey buildings, the mayor is polarizing the town, while growing increasingly frustrated with his council when we do not fall in line with his message and vision.

We can and will redevelop Côte Saint Luc Road, and we will do it in a smart and just manner by working with the residents, and not against them.

The Mayor wants “like-minded” councillors elected so that his decisions are never challenged. It is our belief that having differing opinions and positions is what ultimately creates well rounded and informed decisions.

The three of us remain united on being honest and carrying out our duties with the utmost integrity and respect for the people who elected us.

Jack Edery is responsible for the Town’s Finances

Michael Goldwax is responsible for the Town’s Public Works

Warren Budning is responsible for the Town’s Urban Planning

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