I thank Denis Coderre for his proposed initiative to change the name of Place du Canada to Place de la Réconciliation commemorating our First Nations past, honoring their future and admitting that systemic racism still exists today.

I offer this added initiative. Request our local Mohawk community to design a bronze cultural artwork incorporating their family “A man, woman and child” to be erected in a prominent position in the park and paid for by the city. The plaque would be trilingually written “One for another, Une pour l’autre and excuse my ignorance the most important equivalent in Mohawk. This would propel the world including Canada to make restitution to their First Nation communities and reflect Montreal as the city with a heart, as the city which cares and as a city which will prosper.

Hopefully, Premier Legault and Prime Minister Trudeau will make amendments to Quebec’s Charter of Rights and Canadian Constitution respectively to include specific names of all First Nations in the lands they govern. Their communities and culture still suffer after they gave us, unwillingly or not, their land, wealth and servitudes for rail roads, housing, commerce, pipelines, lumber, natural resource development and yes James Bay flooding for our hydro comfort.

The question remains why should they do anymore when on “broken knees” our Quebec government and Hydro Quebec pleads for more?

Michael Shafter


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