In response to the letter ‘Slates don’t help CSL’, I think it’s time to be more honest about our politics around here.

A Brownstein team volunteer delivered a message from the mayor about his position on remaining neutral in elections. This is a strategy one can characterize as ‘going for the big lie’….defaming the idea of slates while running an unregistered team and having always been in the business of running teams. CSL politicians have a long embarrassing history of shamelessly endorsing each other into acclamation after acclamation. Thankfully now, although the mutually self-serving endorsements of our elected officials still exist, we have a much wider field of candidate participation and a slate providing an opportunity and voices to address the issues. CSL is better for it and will continue to benefit from it.

The current status of lead-in-the-water, overspending, tendered and non-tendered city contracts, poor road and sidewalk conditions, municipal government secrecy and ridiculous park naming practices can also be addressed by a council made up of new ideas that come from a democratic process that is vibrant and transparent.

With the increased participation and a diverse slate, hopefully it will put an end to the shameless political intimidation that has been a part of our local political scene for far too long.

With transparency, I volunteer for Équipe Team Tordjman.

Tamar Hertz


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