Individual responsibility

The issue rages as to whether or not to "relax" the "lock-down"; the dichotomous debate centering on the juxtaposition of public health vs. economic recovery. In that vein, one counters the argument of the one against an allegedly equally valid concern of the other, in endless stalemate of otherwise legitimate considerations.

Perhaps the argument is ill-framed; the essential issue being one of civil liberties and a renewed focus upon the responsibility of each citizen to exercise, in an "open" society, his or her rights with sensitivity and accountability. At the bottom line, we Canadians lack that primordially important libertarian streak which alone ensures the dignity of the individual and the viability of a collective, societal freedom.

Individual civil rights lie at the heart of any democracy. The ensuing, related attributes of civility, civics and civil discourse — nay, civilization itself — guarantee a frontier beyond which government does not dare to encroach and personal activity refuses to transcend. Today, that border has been so blurred that we, the Nation, cower in isolation on two-week periods of brutally futile hope of freedom.

Each waking day we succumb blindly to the dictates of individual leaders whose power over each of us, and over us all, has become so unlimited as to quash our respective logic, perceptions and resolve. Humans have become automatons; thinkers have abdicated independence; and the "data" has become weaponized to break our spirits...!

Social distancing?...Yes; masks and gloves? OK...! Personal hygiene and raw, calloused and bleeding hands? ...No problem...! But, mind-control...No...! Collective catatonia? ...G-d Forbid...! Uncritical slavishness to bully-pulpits in control of all means of communication...Never...!

Our spirit of kinetic progress, balanced reasoning and measured responsibility must outweigh the unilateral, often unjustified, totally politicized and enormously dangerous Governing Will. In our troubled and highly-trying times, such empowerment of the few has destroyed the power and Will of the many. A Notwithstanding Clause has overridden each and every one of our individual rights...!

So, my fellow citizens, look closely at the data; weigh incisively the various arguments; and consider, as is your responsibility to do so, the factors and the risks affecting your own personal decisions. But, for the love of Heaven and your own good, including the collective Good, take the decision out of the Halls of Power and return them to the realm of your own critical and discerning governance over your life, livelihood, sensibilities and risk-aversion in light of family-concerns.

For my part, I vote to "open-up"; "shelter" in public and exercise my rights while respecting those of others not to do the same. We can protect the vulnerable; respect our seniors; educate our kids; exploit technology to allay fears; and follow some basic rules protecting the Collective even while maintaining the expression of innately indefatigable, individual Spirit.

Accordingly, respect basic guidelines of social intercourse in these socio-pathetic times, but stop cowering...Get out there...and let the Powers At Be beware the wrath of their constituents. Take the blinders off. We have been duped into complete submission. Business as usual means no business at all. It means economic death and, worse, broken spirits. Enough...No More...!

Let's act like citizens of a free society, with every accounting which that entails, not as Zombie-Acolytes.

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