During the recent interview in the Suburban of Liberal leader Dominique Anglade, she referred to former party leaders, one of whom was Robert Bourassa, as "great men ...having vision that brings people together"

I was wondering if she was referring to Bill 22, which made French the precursor to Bill 101, the province's only official language?

Five businesses launched a challenge against Quebec's sign language having been ruled unconstitutional by both the Quebec Court of Appeal and the Supreme Court only to have Premier Bourassa invoke the notwithstanding clause, bringing in Bill 178.

It took 5 more years to allow bilingual signs , which we have today, as long as French is predominant. It brings to mind that we are all equal, but some are more equal than others.

Like her predecessors who patronized the Anglophone community, knowing that the alternate parties were far worse, I remain skeptical that any real change will take place when standing up against Bill 40 and for encouraging Anglophones to make this their home to counter the almost 500,000 Anglophones that had left Quebec during the 1970's

As a speaker of 4 languages and studying a 5th, I know how important languages are, and yet, Dominque Anglade glossed over the language issue to focus on " a real fact-based discussion about real issues that affect real people."

Cameron Gray

Beaconsfield , Qc,

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