Government at all levels during the crisis is looking at the restaurant business as a first world problem. Restaurants, they should know, don’t only put food on their tables. They put food on their family’s tables. To say that government response to this dire situation has been anemic would be an insult to white corpuscles. Prime Minister Trudeau has put rent relief in the hands of landlords, not tenant restaurateurs. The banks are not being pressed to restructure mortgage payments, so many landlords can’t help their tenants. Premier Legault seems to be ignoring the problem altogether, and I haven’t heard a word from Mayor Plante on the subject.

There will be no tourists to provide restaurants with revenues for the foreseeable future. The PPE and enhanced infrastructure that restaurants will need to be Covid-19 compliant, joined with the reduced seating capacity necessary to observe distancing, sets the restaurateur even further back before the doors reopen. Will the new normal hold a table for the restaurant?

Me.Howard Greenfield


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