Thanks Beryl Wajsman for Another Montreal Tragedy and the exposure of critical care reduction. I appreciate your independent thoughts and articles.You are perhaps one of the last bastions of reason within the regular media. Needless to say, I certainly don’t have to agree with all of your opinions – but I doubt that should be the focus – rather the concept is that your articles should make one think, period.

Today the noise of information, and misinformation, is loud. And indeed, it is difficult to separate “the wheat from the shaff” even from mainstream media let alone social media. How can someone not be a little suspicious of information controlled and operated by a Canadian conglomerate like Bell Media – controlling CTV, CJAD etc.?

Of course, mainstream media could always be accused of some propaganda but there was usually the hope that competition could result in contrary opinions that could be weighed and considered - but as there is more and more centralized ownership of media sources, the diversity of opinion seems to be lost.

All to say, that in my opinion, your various articles and comments ask valid questions especially in these Virus Scare extraordinary times – questions that so many others in the media ether ignore, and seem more concerned with scare headlines, than real in-depth or investigative journalism.

So please do continue to shed light into the corners as best you can.

Fergus V. Keyes


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