Yesterday, we posted a question on our website as to whether you, our readers amd viewers, thought that a curfew was pushing things too far and if so why. We are very pleased that thousands of you engaged with the post and we wanted to share some of your comments here.

Isabelle Malboeuf

It’s not enough and too late

Michel Patry

No it's not pushing too far!

People proved that they are immature, too narcissistic to understand that we are in a pandemic situation and people are dying

Luigi Lamorte

Absolutely pushing things too far. It's infantalizing the whole population. I don't believe it would help the situation at all.

Dominique Gourdon

Well, apparently infantilizing is exactly what part of the population needs because half still gathered for the holidays when it was not recommended. So saying not recommended is apparently not enough for some to get it, so now this.

Leanne-Marie Gray

Yes!!!! So.much.yes ...its pushing it way too far... we are not in a dictatorship nor are we children subject to punishment. Its absolutely ridiculous and it will not solve anything. Funny how they let eeeeeveryone shop til they dropped before the holidays and slapped us like naughty children after( they could collect all their gst/pst tax from customers and merchants alike) .

Karla Luff

Oh where do I START! 

Freedom, choices, taking complete control of the public when 98% will be healthy and fine. Friends that work till 7:30 pm and what they need stress to be back home before the glass slipper falls off? Not to mention the emotional stress it will cause healthy people.... just who want to go out for a drive... take a walk downtown for some fresh air ..... I can keep going but it’s absolutely ridiculous and goes against being a Canadian and our freedoms! Please if the 98% of the population will be fine... why are we being locked up!

Sheryl Overland

Way too far...and dangerous on multiple levels

Sam Kardash

This has gone way too far. I’ll be at the Gatineau city hall Saturday night 9:00 pm to protest these new restrictions .

Donald Rondeau

Follow the science.

Leora Walter

Does covid only come out after the curfew? If yes, then the curfew is reasonable....

Jennifer Adams

No because there’s no where to go anyways.

Veronica Gilmore

Absolutely, i see this as an abuse of power. Hes testing the waters to see how much control we will allow him to have. What's next ?

Dora Paventi

No, not really. Because it’s not going to change anything in my life. I never leave the house after 5pm. And if it helps great! It s been done all over the world, so for me i m not surprised. Government should have put their lockdown at the beginning of December when numbers were going up despite having partial lockdown from beginning of October.

Jeremiah Duboff

It's as if Canadian so-called leaders (and their apparatchik enforcers) crave Soviet-style dictatorship.

Fro Arvanitis

The only thing I know is that hospitals are running at over capacity

Frank Frankc

This is the issue. When people were not wearing masks, the cases were going up. When they put the social distancing into play, washing hands and wearing a mask, the cases are skyrocketing. Now the question I ask you, does this make any common sense? To a normal person it would not, but to others who believe in this brainwashed media, they do. This shows how powerful the governments and news media, including social media are. This COVID could have all been prevented if they close the airports for good. And you can thank the PM for keeping it open.

Malcolm Lumer

The curfew should of been applied last year with a long term lockdown,with policing involved to make sure it was being obeyed to control the pandemic,also the airport should of been lockdown too for traveling martial law enforcement should of been,only essential services to be allowed only,until all Quebecers got vaccinated with success.

Marie Hjulstrom

I am in total agreement with a curfew. It should have been done already back in March. People do not realize the severity of the virus - especially not the younger generations. All they heard was that they were "immune", and after that, they stopped listening. They are now the ones that have the highest numbers, but still, they won't listen. maybe a curfew, with fines if they break it will open their eyes? We have to put a stop to this, and I suspect it has gone so far that drastic measures might be the only solution; after all, it is only temporary.

Marla Novak

Unfortunately, I think a curfew might just be the perfect thing at the moment. There are so many who still don't wear masks. I just love hearing people say that wearing masks don't work because the numbers are growing.The curfew will stop those of you who ask ridiculous questions. So for a number of hours per day people can live worry free in their own homes and those who don't wear masks can't really infect anyone. Come on folks, what choice is left to us? No matter what has been tried people still don't follow the common sense ideas of what to do, they think it is all a joke. I know wearing a mask is making sure I don't get sick considering I suffer from asthma. Why complain since most of us can't go anywhere since most things are closed anyway, so what is the difference (and just think you can save a few dollars)

Paolo Buffone

Rights and Freedoms are not supposed to disappear in times of “crisis”. Anyone who wants to strip away their rights does not deserve citizenship to this great ( formally great?) country

Diane Gervais

Yes. What purpose will a curfew serve in a place that most businesses are shut down.

 Erica Sendel

This should have been done back in November.

Todd Shapiro

Curfews? Maybe police arresting people who are out after dark? I sure wouldn’t want to live in a totalitarian country like that. Is this happening in some Eastern European dictatorship?

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