The recent press conference given by Premier Legault concerning the Christmas Holidays and the Covid 19 situation, clearly demonstrates the total lack of interest or compassion in other minorities and religions that have long been the fabric of this province. The failure to address the obvious fact that the Jewish Holiday of Hannukah is fast approaching, that we have families that also deserve the right to celebrate together, smacks of a complete ignorance or disinterest of anything or anyone who is not white, Catholic, and French. While I do agree that safety protocols must be in place to ensure everyone's well-being, the outright ban in unjust, unfair, and unnecessary. Even those who surround the premier, those who should be advising him on matters such as this, either are also ignorant, or also harbour the same disregard for those "not quite like themselves". It remains to be seen if this nonsense will be properly addressed in the next few days, perhaps dropping this story on a worldwide news feed will once again embarrass Quebec into doing the right thing.

Mark Needelman

Dollard des Ormeaux

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Covid-19 is a pandemic killer. We must, at least, try to keep our families and friends safe, according to trusted medical opinion. However, in Quebec, if you are a Jew, Asian, Black, Protestant and English-speaking, Bill 101 and the language (religious?) police reveals the Dark Side of democracy and the prejudices of the majority here. This is armband politics. In a democracy, the fools have a right to vote. In a dictatorship, the fools have a right to rule, said Bertrand Russell. In other words, do not go gentle into that good night. Rage, rage against the dying of the light - Dylan Thomas.

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