We can do this

This is a tough time. But we are a tough people. We have an obligation to steel our resolve, marshal our strength and do the most we can do with what we have now. If we don’t we’ll have nothing on the other side of all this.

There have been a lot of memes and postings on social media through the past weeks. The one that sticks with us read, “ Your grandparents were asked to go to war. You’re only being asked to go to your couch. You can do it!”

That’s the perspective we need to keep. This is rough. There are tragedies. We’ve been dealt an outrageous hand. But it’s not as bad as the “greatest generation” overcame.

Whenever you feel like complaining, remember that we do what we do now, to save the remnant of that generation. They would expect us to do the most that we can from our circumstances. We’re not being asked to keep our nation strong with a helmet and a gun. Just a computer and a phone.

Our society has been put on pause. We’re in economic coma. If we want any semblance of normality on the other side of this, we have to do the best we can or there will be not much to go back to.

If you are permitted to get to the office whenever you can, great. If your not permitted, then do as much as you can from home. We all owe it to our future. This is not a game. And most of us are not home because we’re sick. We’re home to avoid getting sick.

Our world has miraculously given us the tools in technology and communications to keep it going. The only way to ensure that the cure is not worse than the disease is to give it our all. We can be even more productive working from home than ever.

There is another way you can help our world. Once in a while we go out for things we need. Try and make a point of going to local businesses.. take out a pizza here. A burger there..support the local grocer as much as the big box store. Support the local pharmacy as much as the chains. Every one is a building block in the strength of our community.

And please, stop the gatherings. This is not a time for weddings and life cycle events. It’s irresponsible. Stop it. This is not even a time for gathering to pray. Yes there is a place for prayer, but you can do it alone or with a few friends.

One final thing. Do not panic. Maintain your self-dignity and self-worth. This too shall pass. We can do this!

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