We’ve all had our views — often divergent — on many of the tactics used in combatting this pandemic. There are legitimate issues still to be resolved not the least of which are questions of civil rights and the rule of law. How far can a government be allowed to act in an emergency? How little transparency can be tolerated in a democracy? How can deadly decisions on limiting health care and irreparable orders destroying people’s livelihoods be permitted without public

There will come a time for a broad inquiry into the myriad government failures during this crisis particularly the federal government’s failure in vaccine procurement. But today, some thirteen months from the first lockdown, we have another responsibility. One that is not between governed and governors.

Vaccinate now! That responsibility is to each other. That responsibility is to realize that we are in the end game of this thing, and we have the tools to make it. That responsibility is not to blow it.

We now have concrete evidence that 60-65% vaccination rates lead to community immunity. The UK and Israel are prime examples. They turned their countries around in 6-7 weeks. At one point there was a debate among doctors. The minority argued that 20-30% vaccinations is sufficient for community immunity. The majority felt that 60-70% was needed. The majority was right.

This is a social contract we must keep. If we ever want to get out of this vaccination is the way. And you don’t have to do it for strictly altruistic reasons. Do it for yourselves. The odds are better than even that governments will demand that everything from airlines to restaurants will ask patrons to produce vaccination papers. So if you want to travel,or go back to your favourite restaurant or even to the Bell Centre, get vaccinated. Just as you have to go through security screening at the Bell, the guards will ask you about vaccinations. Most of all, do it to save lives and relieve suffering.

The vaccines are here and more are coming. Evidence is mounting that they not only reduce the severity of symptoms of Covid, but that reduce transmissions as well. Let’s put aside the conspiracy theories and the fears for a couple of months. Let’s just do what is necessary to build the community immunity to end this thing. Make every effort to get vaccinated when your turn comes. And if you don’t want to, at least stop the senseless arguments and debates, the never-ending demonizations and detractions of vaccinations.

Practice being a good neighbour. If somebody needs a lift to a vaccination centre and you can help, do it. Take them. If you’re going to get a vaccination, don’t argue with the volunteers and nurses about which one. You’re not shopping for designer shoes. You have a lot more chances of getting blood clots from Covid than from Astra Zeneca. And to avoid lineups, don’t show up more than fifteen minutes before your appointment. Too many are coming an hour early hoping to get in and all that ends up happening is that the line grows.

America’s Operation Warp Speed resulted in the fastest vaccine development in human history. It brought us closer to the end game than was imagined. We’re past the seventh-inning stretch it’s the end game now. Let’s not blow it. Governments have made enough mistakes for everyone. Let’s not give them more excuses for burdening us with more questionable restrictions. Let’s show them that as citizens we can be more efficient. We can do it. And be free within eight weeks.

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Wow. That was a quick turnaround to taking the Complete Sellout position, Beryl.

8 weeks till we could be free eh?

Liar and Reset Supporter.

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