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Last week. Prime Minister Justin Trudeau approved Canada voting for a U.N. resolution condemning Israel. It was the first time since former Prime Minister Stephen Harper was elected that Canada has committed such an odious act. And this act came one week after some 600 rockets launched from Gaza by Islamic Jihad and Hamas hit Israeli civilian targets as far north as Tel Aviv and as vulnerable as primary schools. The resolution was sponsored by those bastions of democracy and egality North Korea and Zimbabwe. Newspapers across the country headlined the story on their front pages under the headline, “Trudeau’s Faustian Bargain.”

That this nation should sully itself in alliance with criminal regimes is bad enough. What is worse is that officials from our Foreign Affairs department let it be known behind the scenes that the reason for the vote was to garner votes for Canada to obtain a coveted seat on the UN’s Security Council.

The Trudeau government has thus sacrificed a sister democracy to appease some of the world’s most brutal dictators. This is how this government has rent asunder Canada’s moral compass.

Nothing is worth the betrayal of friends. But certainly not to gain a prize as cheap as a seat on the Security Council. A body that is toothless since five members have a veto. A body that has failed to prevent every exercise in extermination and genocide in the modern era from Cambodia to the Balkans to Darfur and many others. A body that if Israel was facing an existential threat would do little to prevent a second Holocaust. The others who sponsored and voted for this resolution have for a long time been suckling at the teat of Arab League petrodollars. Canada has now joined that noxious cohort.

In condoning this vote, Trudeau broke with Canada’s long-standing policy of opposing the hijacking of U.N. bodies by dictatorships to scapegoat the Jewish state. Adding to the shame, Trudeau’s U.N. ambassador Marc-André Blanchard — a former director of the Liberal Party of Canada’s Quebec section — had the temerity to boast about the vote, saying that “at last Canada found its voice.” To paraphrase Churchill, “Some vote. Some voice.”

Before the resolution is final, the U.N. General Assembly needs to vote to confirm it in December. Therefore there is still a chance to restore Canadian dignity, still time by demanding that Justin Trudeau order a change to Canada’s vote. To that end, a petition has been set up and we encourage all readers to affix there names to it at the following link:

Appeasement of the worst of nations — of the enemies of the family of the free — is not worth a Security Council seat. It is not worth anything at all. What is even more shameful is that there has not been a word of public protest by any MPs from the Liberal caucus. None even from those normally pro-Israel. None even from those who are Jews. This complicity by silence will follow them into the next election which will not be that far off given the minority government.

UN Watch Executive Director Hillel Neuer — a Montrealer running the organization in Geneva -wrote the following, “Trudeau is trading Canada’s bedrock principles of equality and fairness for a UN Security Council Seat. By voting for a resolution, co-sponsored by North Korea and Zimbabwe, Trudeau has entered a Faustian bargain with dictatorships that does not bode well for a free and democratic society. Canada has joined the jackals.”

We believe most Canadians do not sanction this betrayal. It is not this nation that was besmirched by this vote. It was the Prime Minister. It is Justin Trudeau and the Liberal ministers who have joined the jackals.

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Trudeau is not well informed on what is going on.


Trudeau is the opposite of Harper. I loved Harper, I miss him a lot.

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