Rarely in the history of this country has a government borne such a heavy load of ethical and policy failures as has this Liberal government of Justin Trudeau’s. Yet nothing seems to stick. Heads of government should have more to recommend them than merely teflon coating. And citizens should have a memory longer than ten minutes. This Monday be responsible. Think of your future, your children’s’ future and Canada’s future. Vote Conservative.

This election is very much about character. The character of Justin Trudeau and his government. A character of self-entitlement that leads to bad decisions couched in explanations of false piety and hypocrisy. With a reckless disregard for the rule of law and due process on too many occasions. We take no joy in writing that. Another mandate and we may not be able to recognize this nation. Let us review the record and refresh your memories.

Trudeau’s over-riding claim in his elections was government of transparency and accountability. Yet in the SNC-Lavalin affair he used cover-up and coercion against his own Minister of Justice Jody Wilson-Raybould — and indeed against Parliament itself — to protect a major Quebec employer because he thought it would get him votes. Then came the WE scandal, a charity designed to pay volunteering youth that was given a sole-source contract worth tens of millions to distribute hundreds of millions of government dollars. It turned out that members of Trudeau’s family — including his mother, wife and brother — earned hundreds of thousands of dollars in speaking fees from WE. In addition, Trudeau’s former Finance Minister Bill Morneau had taken trips paid for by WE and his daughter worked there. Morneau resigned. Trudeau stayed. This is the only Prime Minister in the history of Canada to be found to have violated Parliamentary ethics rules not once but three times. Yet when Ethics Commissioner Mario Dion found multiple “conflicts of interest” by the Prime Minister, Trudeau had his Liberal majority on the House Justice Committee vote to refuse Dion the right to speak.

This Prime Minister inherited a balanced budget and a $620 billion national debt. Before Covid, he purposely ran deficit budgets so that by the time Covid hit our national debt stood at $790 billion and was rising. When it was pointed out to him that the Harper government added a $50 billion stimulative deficit because of the global financial crisis as all western nations did yet five years later he had a balanced budget, Trudeau famously quipped, “Budgets balance themselves.” His deficits were incurred not to stimulate an economy in crisis as was the case in 2008 during the global financial meltdown, but deficits incurred from spending targeted to ridings, regions and special interest groups which would vote Liberal. This was pay for play politics of the worst order.

Canada’s one area of economic growth and salvation — energy — has been crippled by his policies. A carbon tax that doesn’t work anywhere. It allows big polluters to pay their way out, yet hits all of us in our wallets at the pumps. He ruined the pipeline deal with the US and crippled the pipeline to the west coast that would have reinvigorated Alberta and Saskatchewan’s economies. It’s cost the west tens of thousands of jobs. Polls have demonstrated that 55% of Albertans want to separate from Canada, and western alienation generally has never been higher.

On the world stage he has made Canada irrelevant. And worse, he has given succor and implicit support to some of the worst elements around the globe and here at home. He has openly stated his admiration for the “efficiency of the Chinese system” yet for all that has demonstrated impotence in advancing the release of the two Michaels languishing in Chinese jails. Canada’s pullout from Afghanistan was a disgrace denounced by dozens of Generals. We took out only 3700 of some 20,000 Afghans who had worked with us and been promised safe passage. The US and UK got out almost all their people. Yet Trudeau’s Minister for Women’s Issues could state that the Taliban “are our brothers” and suffer no sanction. Mr. Trudeau merely said her opinion was “personal.”

He has sent some $50,000,000 to UNRWA even though there is and was solid evidence that UNRWA has direct ties to Hamas and in the Palestinian Authority money is used for textbooks teaching anti-Semitism. Eleven countries have already defunded UNRWA, yet Trudeau continues. But why should we be surprised. One of his earliest acts was to award Omar Khadr, a convicted terrorist, a $10.5 million settlement instead of fighting Khadr’s allegations against the Canadian government in court. This Prime Minister has consistently failed to stand up to extremism and has compromised this nation’s moral standing on the world stage. Who can forget that when Mr. Trudeau pulled our CF-18s out of the anti-ISIS coalition, Canada was excluded from the western allies’ Paris Conference on ISIS. And this Prime Minister led Canada into the pack of jackals at the UN when he ordered a vote for an anti-Israeli resolution sponsored by North Korea, Zimbabwe and the PLO in an attempt to pander to the tyrannies to try and get a seat on the Security Council. Canada did not get that seat. All Trudeau did was turn his back on Canada’s long-standing policy of opposing the hijacking of U.N. bodies by dictatorships to scapegoat the Jewish state.

As for his handling of the pandemic, it is true that today Canada has one of the highest levels of vaccination. But in 2020 and well into 2021 we were behind some 40 other countries. Why? Because while telling Canadians in the spring of 2020 that his government had ordered the vaccines, the truth was that his government ordered vaccines from a Chinese company called Cansino and the Chinese politburo promptly ordered it not to produce or ship to Canada. The facts came out in August 2020 and it was well into the winter of 2020-2021 that we actually straightened the situation out.

So we would ask, particularly of Trudeau supporters, where are the voices of all those who claimed this government would bring a new democracy of open government and no hidden agendas? Where are the voices of those who so ardently and stridently called for independence of Parliament? Where are the voices of those who promised “evidence-based” decision-making? Do you have the courage of your convictions and understand that Justin Trudeau has played Canadians? The Liberal banner is soiled. Soiled not by the blood and sweat of patriots but by the whitewash of opportunists.

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Thanks for this lengthy, fact-based rundown of the Liberal party's track record this past term. It would be interesting to see what will move the need more on election day: this opinion piece which seeks to expose the Liberal part or the featured articles which seek to promote them.

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