Some of the concern over re-engaging after the lockdown has to do with the numbers. Every day only the total numbers of cases, hospitalizations and deaths are reported. And each death is tragic make no mistake. But it is also important to remember that numbers must be taken in perspective. Yes we have had some 43,000 people test positive for Covid. But we have had over 400,000 test negative. Numbers for all jurisdictions worldwide are generally coming in the same. About 8% will get Covid. But very few of them will need hospitalizations. The more tragic number is that we have had over 3,000 deaths. But 80% of them have been in our CHSLDs. Our seniors residences. Some 20% of our seniors live in residences. 80% live on their own or with family. But a number released last week should give us pause. Montreal has three times the number of seniors in residences per capita than any other major North American city. And we have let them down. Not just in this pandemic. We have let them down generally since the austerity cuts of the past 15 years. We need to fix that. It was not just that nurses and orderlies didn’t have PPE. It was that seniors brought into hospital were dehydrated and starving. Hospitals report that they may have had Covid. But most died from the ravages of almost criminal neglect. Let us make fixing this our most urgent issue on the public agenda.

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Israel relaxed their efforts and had a spike as announced today

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