take it forward

Despite all the caution Quebec is using in gradually restarting our economy, we know that many of you are scared. Most understand the necessity and are ready for the challenge. But everyone has some corner of concern in our minds.

As we re-engage, let us remember the best of us that has come out in these weeks of isolation. Those lessons will help us deal with any concerns. For so many displayed character and courage. Let’s keep moving it forward.

Let’s take forward the examples of the volunteers who answered the call at everything from packing boxes at food banks to making masks and shields for frontline workers at seniors residences. So many put themselves on the line. The needs are still there. Being a good neighbour will continue to enrich our lives.

Let’s take forward the many random acts of kindness. From young people on bikes delivering food to senior shut-ins to people at home calling others they knew were alone just to show them someone cares and still others who drove people to medical appointments.

Let’s take forward the many donations we wrote to help charities that were so badly strapped. We did it for the sake of it because it was the right thing to do not because we went to some ball or gala and wanted to show off.

Le’s take forward our support for the great events organized online by every type of organization from communal to theatrical to musical. They drew communities together with a much needed immediacy.

Let’s take forward our new understanding of frontline guardians — particularly those in our seniors residences — and give them community support in advocating for the tools they need to protect those we love.

This crisis has opened our eyes to many things. As we return to some degree of normalcy, let’s move forward with the character and courage we have witnessed and so many have displayed.

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