No, these New Rules are not a replay of Bill Maher. But we are rolling out our society again. To paraphrase one of this week’s correspondents Henri Bybelezer, we are awakening and arising. And though it’s not going to be as tough as leaving a Higgins boat and landing on Omaha Beach, we are going to need some rules.

We’re going back to work. And we’ll wash our hands a lot. We’re going to social distance. We’ll wear a mask when we’re out and about in places where we can’t distance properly. And we’ll wash our hands a lot.

We’ll go out to restaurants again. It’ll be fun. But we’ll be two tables over from the next diners. And we’ll wash our hands a lot. Maybe even between courses.

We’ll send the kids back to school. And they’ll wash their hands a lot.Including after every class and activity. There won’t be a recess or cafeteria lunch. So they’ll eat at their desks. And they’ll wash their hands and clean their desks afterwards. They’ll social distance before, during and after classes. Then they’ll wash their hands, put on their masks and sit one to a bench on the bus. They’ll come home and before running to hug you....they’ll wash their hands...again.

We’ll go to the gyms and work out again. And before we start we’ll wash our hands. And we’ll clean off the mats and weights and bikes before we use them. And when we’re finished, we’ll clean them off again for the next person. And wash our hands again before we leave.

We’ll be as normal as we can in the new abnormal. We’ll go to the movies again with our partners, and sit two to three seats over from the next person or couple. And when we come home we’ll wash our hands again and not just from the popcorn.

We’ll be as prudent as we can. When we see the seniors we love we’ll not only wash our hands but we will wear a mask. Not for ourselves but for them. Because we care and we are an unselfish people.

We will not over indulge. We will be in restaurants and theatres as treats. It won’t be this way forever. But for now we will try to stay at home as much as possible. And we’ll do that as often as living a worthwhile life allows. It’s not ideal, but we’ll do it because danger still exists for ourselves and for those we love.

Most importantly we will rouse the courage to re-engage. And as much as it will seem strange and tenuous at first, we will soon make the abnormal, normal. We will re-engage with the world, and we will see that so much of the rest of the west has opened up so much more. And the sky has not fallen in. We will wash our hands a lot. We will social distance. We will wear masks where we must. And then one day, the new abnormal will be over. We make keep some of the new rules, but it will be all right. It’s not Omaha Beach.

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