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Public policy has rules. Both intuitive and instructive. Those in public office should have mastered them. If they haven’t what are they doing there? Because if they don’t master them, and lose them in translation, the people suffer. That is too high a price to pay just to endure mediocrity.

Two weeks after we published a front page story on the disaster in Canada’s vaccine contracting, we are still hearing the same pablum from Ottawa. “We will get our vaccines in large numbers at the end of March and start of April. And we will be on track to vaccinate 20 million Canadians by September.” That is physically impossible. It would require over 1 million vaccinations a week. Canada does not have the logistics.

The Globe and Mail’s breaking of the story behind the Trudeau administration’s decision to depend on China for our vaccines unmasked the utter naïveté of this government. While telling Canadians in May of 2020 that this country had made all necessary arrangements with Pfizer and Moderna, the Prime Minister had actually contracted with CanSino, a Chinese company controlled by the Chinese Communist Party. And he did this at a time of conflict with China over China holding two Canadians hostage going on two years while Canada has kept a Huawei executive in detention. She happens to be a relative of a senior member of the Chinese politburo. Within a month of the deal, the Chinese government ordered CanSino to stop all production for and shipment to Canada.

Where was our Prime Minister’s intuitive sense so necessary for a leader’s primary obligation of protecting his citizens in peace and in war. Contracting with a tyranny is bad enough. Dealing with that tyranny at a time of conflict is worse. And lying to the Canadian people is worst of all. The Globe even uncovered PMO emails discussing how to keep all this from Canadians. The Prime Minister’s crush on China has been known for years but this was worse than even his comment that he “admires the efficiency of the Chinese regime.”

As it turns out this government did not make the necessary arrangements with Pfizer and Moderna until August of 2020. Much later than other western nations like Israel which has now vaccinated 50% of the population. Canada sits at an anemic 4% and two weeks ago the Bloomberg vaccine tracker placed Canada 38th in terms of vaccine doses administered per 100 people. Today Canada is 40th. Israel is first.

J.J. McCullough writing in The Washington Post made the point that, “Canadians are not being vaccinated in low numbers because they’re somehow too egalitarian or polite to take their shots until everyone is guaranteed one. Nor, for that matter, can one cite any evidence suggesting the country is teeming with anti-vaccine advocates or some other widespread movement of resistance. No, Canadians sit in 38th place simply because their government has not obtained enough vials of serum to inject them with. Canadians have a clear target for their outrage.” The article was subtitled, “The responsibility lies with Justin Trudeau.”

Evidence is now pouring in that countries like the UK, Israel and even Chile simply seem to have made their agreements with the major pharma companies earlier and on better terms. Many smaller nations of the European Union have done the same. Canada ranks behind all of them.

The day before we went to press, a resolution was passed in Parliament condemning the Genocide of the Uyghurs by China. Not all MPs were present but the vote was 266-0. No member of Cabinet was present except Foreign Minister Marc Garneau. When it was his turn to vote he stated, “I abstain in the name of the Government of Canada.” Canada has a China problem.

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