A question of character

At the age of 29 Conservative leader Andrew Scheer became the youngest deputy speaker of the House of Commons in the history of Canada. Justin Trudeau at 29 was putting on blackface. We open this editorial with this image not to be pejorative or sarcastic. We open with it because this election is very much about a question of character. Justin Trudeau’s character.

A character of self-entitlement and arrogance that allowed Justin Trudeau to get elected through lies and opportunism. A character with which he has governed with a suffocating arrogance where he has demonstrated a reckless disregard for the rule of law and due process. A character which has led him to move this country so close to the precipice of disaster, that another four years of him and we won’t recognize this nation. If you want to take our country back, on Monday vote for Andrew Scheer and put in place a Conservative government.

Trudeau’s over-riding claim in the election of 2015 was a government of transparency and accountability. Yet in the SNC-Lavalin affair he used cover-up and coercion against his own Minister of Justice Jody Wilson-Raybould and indeed against Parliament itself. The only Prime Minister in the history of Canada to be found to have violated Parliamentary ethics rules not once but three times. Yet when Ethics Commissioner Mario Dion found multiple “conflicts of interest” by the Prime Minister in his investigation of the SNC-Lavalin affair, Trudeau had his Liberal majority on the House Justice Committee vote to refuse Dion the right to speak. And when the RCMP sought cooperation from the PMO at the start of its investigation into the findings of the Ethics Commissioner it was stonewalled. The irony is that Trudeau supporters excuse all these obstructions of justice while at the same want US President Trump impeached for the same alleged obstructions.

Trudeau came into office promising “small” stimulative deficits in his first three years with a balanced budget in his fourth. In fact, he inherited a national debt of some $620 billion and going down, together with a balanced budget from Prime Minister Harper. We are now in our fourth year of deficit budgets and Trudeau’s has openly avowed another four years of deficits if re-elected. Our national debt after four years of Justin Trudeau now stands at some $770 billion and rising. This year the average Canadian family will pay some $2200 more in taxes to pay for the waste of the Trudeau years. Waste from deficits incurred not to stimulate an economy in crisis as was the case in 2008 during the global financial meltdown, but deficits incurred from spending targeted to ridings, regions and special interest groups who would vote Liberal. This was pay for play politics of the worst order. You can bet more tax increases are coming in a country whose citizens already carry the highest consumer debt in the industrialized west. Can you afford a tax hike? Under the Harper government a $50 billion stimulative deficit was necessary because of the global financial crisis as all western nations went into deficit. Yet five years later we had a balanced budget. Trudeau isn’t even trying. Indeed he promises more debt on our backs. But what can one expect from a man who says “budgets balance themselves.”

Canada’s one area of economic growth and salvation — energy — has been crippled by his policies. A carbon tax that doesn’t work anywhere. It allows big polluters to pay their way out, yet hits all of us in our wallets at the pumps. He ruined the pipeline deal with the US and crippled the pipeline to the west coast that would have both reinvigorated Alberta’s economy. Polls now demonstrate that 55% of Albertans want to separate from Canada.

On the world stage he has made Canada irrelevant. And worse, has given succor and implicit support to some of the worst elements around the globe and here at home. He has sent some $50,000,000 to UNRWA even though there is and was solid evidence that UNRWA has direct ties to Hamas and in the Palestinian Authority money is used for textbooks teaching anti-Semitism. Eleven countries have already defunded UNRWA, yet Trudeau continues on his merry way. But why should we be surprised. One of his earliest acts was to award Omar Khadr, a convicted terrorist, a $10.5 million settlement instead of fighting Khadr’s allegations against the Canadian government in court. And in the runup to this election he has already embarassed even his own party by hand-picking candidates with open records of virulent anti-Israel and pro-BDS sentiments. Our relations with India are in a shambles especially after his ridiculous costume-wearing trip.

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