A special thanks to our extended Suburban family

With this last issue of the year coming out in this special celebratory season, we thought this date called for a special sentiment. So we wanted to take this space and move away from the public issues and offer some personal thoughts.and those thoughts are aimed at you, our extended Suburban family.

We are very proud of the work we do at The Suburban. Our commitment to community service and information - particularly in supporting charitable and emergency initiatives - has truly put the "you" in community.

And that's the point. Community. All our efforts would never achieve the degree of success and relevance if it wasn't for the faith all of you demonstrate in us every week. All of you. You our readers who not only give us feedback with your letters, but come out in support of the many cases and causes we focus on each year. We believe you are among the most engaged citizens anywhere. As just one example of how you prove it time and again, your response to our appeals to send in contributions supporting the Citizens Coalition legal challenge against Elections Quebec to restore the provincial riding of Mont-Royal was overwhelming.

All of you. To you our loyal advertisers we thank you not only for giving us the material ability to serve the public each week, but we thank you for your moral backing for our community charitable endeavors. Again to highlight just one example, over a dozen of you - our corporate advertisers - supported our Laval Ball Hockey Charity Tournament earlier this year. By your involvement you demonstrated that partnering with The Suburban as an advertiser is not just profitable for your business bottom line, but joining with us in meeting community needs is something that means as much to you as it does to us. It is not only the right thing to do, but it cements the relationships between publisher and reader, business and customer that creates loyalty for years to come. That loyalty is the keystone of success.

All of you also includes the administrations and officials of the some 20 cities and boroughs we serve and the many community organizations whose work we highlight.  We want to thank you not only for using our pages to advertise bylaws, information and special events, but also for being there in common cause when so many of our readers ask us for help and guidance and we call upon you for answers. Justice Hugo Black once wrote that, "The press is there to serve the governed not the governors." But public life has become so complicated that many of the governed - even many of those served by charities - don't know where to turn for answers and help. So we receive many calls every week for help in finding direction. And we know where to make the outreach but those efforts would bear little fruit if not for the cooperation of you in local government and community organizations. So from elected officials at all three levels of government who listen and act to all the great leaders of food banks, advocacy groups, anti-racism organizations, those who aid seniors, tend to troubled youth. Help with health care and help, fight poverty, we thank you.

It is our hope that we carry these relationships and grow them ever stronger into the New Year of 2020. You have made it clear that community newspapers matter. Thank you for making us strong and relevant and a valuable part of our communities. We look forward to continued growth and continued service in the year ahead. Let's make this century's "Roaring 20s" roar for the good of all.

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