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It took hard words and harder numbers to change us. Lockdowns are not normal. Neither is social isolation. Many of those words and numbers have been proven wrong. They are now being changed as new facts are coming to light. Now that we are beginning a social and economic reboot, we must act …

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Some of the concern over re-engaging after the lockdown has to do with the numbers. Every day only the total numbers of cases, hospitalizations and deaths are reported. And each death is tragic make no mistake. But it is also important to remember that numbers must be taken in perspective. Y…

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Commerce will restart on Monday. Montreal’s numbers are coming down. We have had under 50 deaths a day from Covid all this week. The lowest numbers in almost two months. But many habits won’t change quickly if at all. Many will continue to work most of their week from home. You’re reading on…


As many things have evolved, so too have we at The Suburban. You were used to getting the paper delivered to your door every Wednesday. As of several years ago, you were not only able to get the printed newspaper to your door but were also able to read the full edition online on your home co… Read more

The pandemic has people thinking, some of them apocalyptically. “Times have never been as frightening or as bad”, they say. But are times truly worse? It’s an interesting and valid question. I’ve heard many people paraphrase this question, mostly in my age group – late baby-boomers. To addre… Read more

Schools on the island have been delayed until the September opening, which was a wise choice. Parents did not seem overly confident sending their children to school and educators had worried that there was not enough time to prep for the new normal of having only 15 students per class, sched… Read more

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Toronto police estimated that as many as 10,000 people were at a downtown park on Saturday afternoon, where many gathered in large groups as police and bylaw officers looked on. A number of U.S. beaches and boardwalks saw the same — or worse. Pandemic? What pandemic? Read more

The effects of a minority perspective imposing its will on society at large is dramatically more malevolent than its reverse-counterpart. While the latter is unconscionably destructive to individual expression, the former constitutes tyranny itself against the collective. When do we finally … Read more

Yugoslavia’s strongman, President Marshal Tito, who had succeeded in forging a unified country out of the postwar Balkans, died during the 1980 referendum. Pierre Trudeau, otherwise engaged, didn’t get to pay his respects. Our strongman was going on to deliver a decisive win for his country … Read more

Plante is pandering to her group that brings few dollars downtown or onto the side streets. Many businesses already will not open and Plante just puts the finishing nails in the coffins. She just doesn't understand that most people go by van or cars to eat and shop as they do in every city i… Read more