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It is just over a half century ago that Quebecers last had to endure curfews. That was during the October Crisis that saw the FLQ kidnap British Trade Commissioner James Cross and kill Quebec Labour Minister Pierre Laporte. That bloody October unfolded against a background of mailbox bombs a…

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In the midst of the pandemic last August, we released a special issue saluting frontline heroes. But as the year progressed, different types of heroes emerged. Community volunteerism soared. It seemed no one was going to be left behind and no need unmet. So we dedicate this special theme iss…

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Well it’s been quite the year. But now is the time for some perspective. We live in an era of instant gratification. Instant solutions. And instant communications feeding it all. The end of the year is a good time to reflect back.

The recent Quebec Government’s extension of lockdowns and implementation of curfews to limit the spread of COVID-19 will have more harmful effects on the health and welfare of the population than benefits. Read more

Ok, enough is enough. What does a curfew accomplish? Contact tracing shows where virtually every outbreak comes from, this is publicly available and easily accessible data that is compiled by the government and somehow never used by the government. It is massively skewed towards work place f… Read more

By the early looks of it, 2021 might not be that rosy after all. Quebec is already under a COVID curfew, the vaccine rollout is a disaster, all hell is breaking out south of the border… Need I go on? Read more

I think it’s rich that we are shocked by the violence in Washington given that this seems to be the new level of discourse in the USA. Trump wins a questionable election in 2016 and the other extremists try to burn down Berkeley. You have a legitimate grievance against the police or courts, … Read more

In his opinion piece “Where have all the teachers gone?”, Jeff Itcush touches on some of the problems facing the teaching profession in Quebec. He is perfectly accurate in quoting statistics and addressing teacher burnout and the disinterest of young people in getting into teaching. Yes, Itc… Read more

Anticipating a new spate of repressive linguistic measures, leading anglophone opinion leaders are pleading for a balanced approach from government towards our community. Balance, the linguists will tell you, is a deceptive cognate (“faux ami”). In English, it means measured or proportional.… Read more