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Last Saturday night was the annual ‘Night for the Homeless.’ It is an initiative started several years ago to shed light on the tragedy of Montreal’s growing numbers of homeless. Estimates of those on the streets range from 3,000-5,000. Another estimated 20,000 have no residence but are shar…

The “de- scientification” and full “politicization” of Covid-19 is now complete. Like climate change (nee “global warning”) when the science doesn’t fit the narrative, obfuscate the science and the measurements and benchmarks. Temperatures weren’t rising (as predicted), the hundred-year time… Read more

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Some 10 days ago, nearly 5,000 Quebecers gathered at Place du Canada, most wearing masks, calling for peace in Armenia, the country of their ancestors. While The Suburban, and its editor were present in solidarity and providing coverage, other media were sorely absent. Read more

Trump emerges from Marine One, climbs the steps to the Truman balcony, turns to face the helicopter to salute, maskless, as it takes off. This was the scene that concluded the most striking October Surprise in presidential electoral politics since Henry Kissinger announced that peace was at … Read more

The Ensemble Montréal party, the City of Montreal's official opposition, tabled a motion on Monday asking that the Place des Festivals, in the city centre, be renamed Oscar Peterson in homage to the world-renowned Montreal pianist and composer. Read more

In my view, one of the many difficulties with this virus scare is that people seem to have some kind of blind faith that science can provide definite answers and/or that all scientists agree on the cause; how it is transmitted; and various actions that should be taken to combat it. Needless … Read more

An adolescent with word issues, I asked myself how it was possible to misunderstand all you see when your eyes are closed in the first place. Now, an aging Boomer (and, lately, a zoomer), listening to Premier Legault deny systemic racism, I think I get it. When your eyes are closed to the tw… Read more