West Island Round-Up

Dorval is urging residents to plant trees to fight heat islands.


REM PRO-PARKING RALLY: The town is distancing itself from a planned REM (light-rail transit) "we need parking" Rally scheduled for 1 p.m. May 1 at the Riocan Centre, saying it is not a Kirkland initiative. "In compliance with the sanitary measures that continue to apply in red zones, the Town of Kirkland is committed not to hold indoor or outdoor events that may result in prohibited public gatherings," a tow statement says. " We are well aware of the need for parking at REM stations in the West Island. Which is why for the past several months, we have been negotiating with the developers of the Riocan Centre to secure a viable solution for Kirkland residents with regard to parking at the Kirkland REM station. Our talks are going well and we are confident that there will be positive developments in the months to come. We encourage our residents to continue to comply with applicable sanitary measures so as to put an end to this pandemic as quickly as possible."


A TREE FOR MY NEIGHBOURHOOD: The city announced that, "in cooperation with the Regroupement des éco-quartiers (REQ) and the Société de verdissement du Montréal métropolitain (Soverdi), residents are invited to take concrete action in the fight against heat islands by planting a tree on their property, thanks to the campaign “A Tree for my Neighbourhood [until] May 31, Dorval residential owners may purchase one or several trees at prices starting at $25. No less than 60 species, of sizes ranging from 1.5 to 2 meters upon purchase, are available. All orders must be placed before June 1 for a distribution starting mid-June. The trees will be delivered to citizens and planted, free of charge, by the GRAME (Groupe de recommandations et d’actions pour un meilleur environnement).The trees must be planted on private property in Dorval. Citizens are responsible for the choice of location and the maintenance of their trees. To participate in this campaign, visit atreeformyneighbourhood.org."


CITY TO UNDERGO COMPLIANCE AUDIT: The City of Beaconsfield will participate in a compliance audit on the best management practices for public tendering of municipal contracts, conducted by the Commission municipale du Québec (CMQ). The city states that it is always searching for ways to improve best management practices in order to reduce costs and enhance management performance. “The continuous improvement of management practices is in the best interest of our citizens. It allows us to optimize the provision, quality and validity of services, so that we can offer better for less to all tax payers," Beaconsfield Mayor, Georges Bourelle said in a statement. The CMQ’s compliance audit seeks to determine the quality and reliability of Beaconsfield’s monitoring procedures for its public tenders for the execution of works, professional mandates and purchase of goods and services published on Québec’s official public sector electronic tendering service SÉAO (Système électronique d’appels d’offres).The audit procedures are intended to ensure that municipal activities and operations comply with government and municipal requirements specified by applicable laws, by-laws, policies and guidelines."The audit of our practices in conjunction with the CMQ experts will hopefully allow us to add value to all aspects and, where possible, contribute to improve and upgrade the public tendering process for all municipalities in Québec,” Bourelle said.

Pointe Claire

HISTORICAL SOCIETY WANTS WINDMILL RESTORED: The Pointe-Claire Historical Society (PCHS) want to see Pointe Claire’s windmill restored.The structure was severally damaged by a storm nearly two years ago which caught the eye of citizens and area visitors. The windmill was in need of significant repairs prior to the storm, but gained attention when the vanes were torn apart by the storm. Constructed in 1709-1710, the windmill is located on private land owned by the Catholic Diocese of Montreal and it represents Pointe-Claire as it is the city’s logo. PCHS raised $30,000 to contribute to the restoration and is prepared to raise more money via fundraising. The fundraising was put on pause, as the city has yet to come to an agreement with the Diocese. “We are happy to become involved and help with private fundraising,” spokesperson for the Pointe-Claire Historical Society Andrew Swidzinski said to The Suburban. “Our hope is that they can come to an arrangement one way or another. The city could subsidize historical properties even if they are privately owned and the provincial government would normally cover up to half of the city’s contribution,” Swidzinski told The Suburban. Pointe-Claire Mayor John Belvedere says that he is working on getting the issue resolved and wants to see the restoration take place during his mandate. With many obstacles slowing down the process, he has passed a resolution for the Minister of Cultural Affairs to get involved. “The site was declared as historical, so we are asking them to help us apply pressure on the Diocese to get an agreement finalized,” Belvedere told The Suburban.

Dollard des Ormeaux

GAS NETWORK RENEWAL: The city announced that "gas network renewal works on Forest Street – between Lancaster and Sunshine Streets – is being performed by Energir (through Marathon Construction), between Monday, April 12 and Friday, May 7, 2021. This work will create obstructions primarily on Forest Street, but will also create minor obstructions at the Tremayne and Woodhaven Streets entrances. Road signs in accordance with the Ministère des Transports du Québec standards will be put in place, and flagmen will also be on-site to direct road users."


DEALING WITH ANXIETY: Anxiety is increasingly prevalent in our modern lives, especially in these difficult times. On Saturday, May 8 at 2 p.m., you can join noted author, university lecturer, and psychoeducational specialist, Stéphanie Deslauriers, as she discusses causes of stress in the family and provides advice on how to care for ourselves while helping our children to better manage their anxiety. This lecture, titled “Combattre l’anxiété en famille, ce n’est pas sorcier!” and presented in French via Zoom, is offered by the Dorval Library as part of The More You Know series. It is free and open to all.

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